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Banking on Green: One Bank’s Ksh. 13 million commitment to saving Kenya’s Forest land

NCBA Bank stands out to be counted as it invests heavily in forestation.

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Kenyans love tree planting holidays and look forward to the sudden announcements that one shall be announced by the government every so often.

These holidays give us a chance to relax with our family and friends while doing something to benefit the environment and community at large.

For many organizations, tree planting is a good chance to remind everyone that the organization has thought of the environment and is looking forward to publishing a press release in a daily newspaper about the importance of protecting the environment.

Photo of NCBA building entrance

Photo of NCBA building entrance

But not all organizations. Some have literally gotten their hands dirty in the business of restoring and protecting the environment in a responsible and sustainable way.

During last year’s World Environment Day, Kenyan Bank NCBA led the charge in planting 20,000 trees in Bungoma County.

Also taking part in the initiative were Hon. Ken Lusaka, Governor Bungoma County, First Lady of Bungoma County, Mrs. Lusaka, H.E Tessie Musalia – Spouse to Prime Cabinet Secretary and Prof. Siamba, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration Kibabii University.


John Gachora, NCBA Group Managing Director

With over 300,000 trees planted by 2023, NCBA is one of the leading non-environmental organizations involved in restoring Kenya’s forest and tree cover.

NCBA staff have planted over 80,000 trees across several counties in Kenya by 2024 and aim to achieve 10 million trees planted by 2023, an achievable goal by their current trajectory.

Re-foresting Indigenous Trees-Karura
In partnership with Kenya Forest Service (KFS), the bank has committed Ksh. 13 million towards indigenous tree nursery in the Karura Forest.

KFS has committed 1.7 acres and the technical expertise to the nursery, noting the importance of reforesting indigenous trees and the natural benefits they have to the Karura Forest eco-system.

NCBA bank employees during a past event

NCBA bank employees during a past event

So the next time you are taking a hike, bike ride, picnic, meeting, photo-shoot, nature walk or just admiring the great Karura forest…keep in mind that one bank, NCBA, is doing more than banking. They’re saving the environment.

In addition to strategic partnerships with KFS, NCBA is also working closely with NEMA and the Ministry of Environment to change the story of climate change hardship in Kenya to climate and environment focused investment.

Sweet, Sweet Avocadoes.

Deforestation related climate change combined with aggressive agricultural practices have had a serious negative impact on the farming practices especially in Central Kenya region.

With less reliable rainy seasons and prolonged droughts the stark reality emerges that we must restore the environment to what it was before if not close to it. In 2020, NCBA partnered with the World Wide Fund (WWF) to begin the Kieni Climate initiative in Nyeri County.

Through 4 learning institutions namely; Kimunyuru Secondary School, Embaringo Secondary School, Watuka Polytechnic and Charity Primary School, 100,000 seedlings were planted including fruit trees such as avocadoes, tree tomatoes and pears.

Such initiatives not only answer the climate and re-forestation question but also the sustainability, food security and economic questions for the local communities.

With the big climate change question facing everyone from heads of states to local small scale farmers and agriculture produce consumers, it is a comfort to know that some banks are doing more than just banking…they’re banking on our future.

With world environment day approaching what are your plans for tree planting and saving green spaces? Want to bank on a greener future, visit citizenship@ncbagroup.com

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