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Showdown Looms As Miguna Opposes Ruto’s New Plan To Tax Kenyans Accessing E-Citizen Services

by Guest Editor
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Dr Miguna Miguna has criticized the government move through the Treasury and economic planning cabinet secretary Njuguna Ndung’u to introduce access fee for government services on the e-citizen platform.

Njuguna Ndung’u has announced that those seeking to access services on the e-citizen platform shall be required to pay a nominal administrative fee per transaction something lawyer Miguna Miguna say is illegal.

According to lawyer Miguna Miguna on his X platform, public or government websites are like public offices that Kenyans already pay for with their tax hence must be accessed freely. Any move by the Kenya kwanza government to introduce charges on public websites means double taxation, an illegal move that must be resisted by everyone.

The services the Kenya Kwanza administration has decided to charge Kenyans are as follows:

Below Ksh.199 will be charged at Ksh.5 Between Ksh.200 – Ksh.299 at Ksh.10

Between Ksh.300 – Ksh.499 at Ksh.15

Between Ksh.500 – Ksh.699 at Ksh.20

Between Ksh.700 – Ksh.999 at Ksh.25

Over Ksh.1000 – Ksh.50

Any dollar amount at I US dollar (Ksh.156 in current exchange rates)

The above charges according to Miguna Miguna are only meant to continue burdening an already tired nation that has been plundered by the current William Ruto’s regime.

Recently, the vocal Miguna Miguna warned William Ruto of the corruption that is being witnessed in his government urging that Kenyans will reject him in the 2027 presidential election.

These charges will continue drying the pockets of the innocent citizens dry. The government should come up with ways of how it’s citizens can make a daily income not coming up with new tax charges.

Taxing the government websites simply means that they should tax the public offices as well before one can access any government services. This is as a wrong move by the Kenya kwanza government and it requires public consultation before it’s implemented.

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