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“Ruto Thinks We’re Fools” New Twist After UDA MPs Launch Twin Attack on Ruto

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Ruto Thinks We’re Fools: UDA MPs Blast President over KRA Raids

In a shocking turn of events, two MPs from the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party have launched a scathing attack on President William Ruto over his administration’s move to impose electronic tax stamps (etims) on agricultural products. The MPs, Hon. Chege Njuguna of Kandara and Hon. Edward Muriu of Gatanga, represent constituencies in the Mt Kenya region, which is a stronghold of the UDA party and the president’s home turf.

The MPs expressed their outrage in a viral video that was posted on Twitter on February 28, 2021. In the video, the MPs accused the president of betraying the farmers who voted for him and of being insensitive to their plight amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They claimed that the etims would increase the cost of production and reduce the competitiveness of Kenyan products in the regional and international markets. They also alleged that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials who were conducting the raids were harassing and extorting the farmers.Ruto & Gachagua face with hustlers' wrath as UDA MP is heckled at his event in Kisii | Pulselive Kenya

“We are not going to stand and watch as our people suffer. Ruto thinks we are fools. He promised us that he would support the agricultural sector, but now he is killing it. He is imposing taxes that we cannot afford. He is sending KRA goons to raid our farms and factories. He is destroying our livelihoods and our economy. He is a liar and a traitor,” Hon. Njuguna said in the video.

Hon. Muriu echoed his sentiments and vowed to mobilize other UDA MPs from Mt Kenya to oppose the etims and demand an apology from the president. He also warned the president that he risked losing the support of the region if he did not reverse the policy.

Is history of assassinations repeating itself or Ruto is crying Wolf?

“We are giving him an ultimatum. He must stop the etims and apologize to the farmers. He must also sack the KRA commissioner and the cabinet secretary for agriculture. If he does not do this, we will have no choice but to withdraw our support from him and his government. We will not be part of a regime that oppresses our people. We will join forces with other like-minded leaders and form a new alliance that will champion the interests of the farmers and the people of Mt Kenya,” Hon. Muriu said.Nation Breaking News on X: "RUTO APOLOGISES to Raila over Iten attack, says any UDA aspirant found culpable of planning the incident will be barred from party ticket. https://t.co/ZJZV6vvMgr" / X

The video has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media, with some supporting the MPs and others criticizing them for being disloyal and opportunistic. The president has not yet responded to the video or the allegations.

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