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Ruto Expresses Worries Over What Azimio Is Planning Against Him

DP Ruto now says Azimio is scared of him and now planning bad things for him

by Williams
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Deputy President William Ruto said that his rivals in the presidential election are now panicking after the Kenya Kwanza team successfully changed Kenyan politics from personality to people-centered. Ruto said today at the Nairobi County Economic Bloc Forum that his opponents have panicked and are now resorting to using disorder to prevent them from selling their agenda to the public.

“Wale tunashimdana nao wamepanic kwa sababu hawajazoea hii siasa ya wananchi sasa wameanza fujo ili kutuzuia kuongea na wananchi (Those we are completing have now panicked and have now resorted to the use of chaos to prevent us from selling our agenda to the people),” Ruto said.

Ruto advised his opponents to keep their calm as he warned them that Kenya Kwanza was only getting started. He alleged that after some of their rivals declared he would not be on the ballot, there is a new plot in the works to install a puppet as President and another as the governor of Nairobi County.

“Tulizeni ball, mambo bado. Waache kuzunguzungu hatujaanza (Relax, it has not yet. Stop panicking we have not started),” Ruto said.


“Walikuwa wanasema Ruto hatakuwa kwa ballot. Sasa wanasema Sakaja hatakuwa kwa ballot. Wako na njama ya kuweka Kibaraka kama kiongozi wa Kenya na wa Nairobi, ” he added.

He recalled how they were saying that he will not be able to make it on the ballot and now, they are saying that Sakaja will not be on the ballot. Ruto said that they wanted to install a puppet to lead Kenya and Nairobi.


According to Ruto, Kenyan politics has evolved, and voters will only cast their ballots based on the agenda, not on the personality of a candidate. As his friends continue to beat their opponents, DP Ruto has continued to show Azimio more dust all the way from the grassroots level vote to the national level.

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