Home Politics New Twist As City Lawyer Alleges Ruto’s Plot To Replace Gachagua With Mudavadi For Running Mate Position

New Twist As City Lawyer Alleges Ruto’s Plot To Replace Gachagua With Mudavadi For Running Mate Position

Rigathi Gachagua's selection as Ruto's runningmate caused a division in Kenya Kwanza

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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The renown city-based lawyer and revered online influencer Wahome Thuku claimed that Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate William Ruto is crafting plot to drop Mathira legislator Rigathi Gachagua for the running mate position and replace with Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi.

The lawyer alleged Ruto’s close confidants are working around the clock to lodge a petition at the supreme court to vet the suitability of Rigathi Gachagua for the presidential running mate position.

“William Ruto is himself crafting a plot to have Rigathi Gachagua disqualified from being his own running mate. Highly informed sources disclose that Ruto’s confidants are working round the clock to have a petition filed at the Supreme Court to determine Gachagua’s suitability as Presidential running mate” claimed Wahome Thuku.


Rigathi Gachagua and William Ruto

He also alleged that since the time is running out for Tuesday’s general election, the plan to remove Gachagua from the deputy position might be executed even after the election. Wahome claimed that Gachagua’s critics within the Kenya Kwanza Alliance faction are linking the lawmaker to the corruption cases piled in court that object his suitability to hold a public office.

“And while it’s a race against time, those close to Karen indicate that it may be an issue that could be taken up even after elections. Many of those who want Gachagua out of the way are concerned about his corruption record. But Ruto and his teammates want to substitute him with Musalia Mudavadi for political equations” added Wahome.

The online influencer alleged that deputy president William Ruto was moved by the decision of Milimani High Court judge Esther Maina to compel Gachagua to forfeit over Ksh200M to the state, believed to be crime proceeds.

“The DP was very happy with the decision of the High Court ordering Gachagua to surrender over Ksh200 million to the State,” a very close source revealed. “He may even have had a hand in the whole affair” added the alleged Karen source.

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