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Oburu Odinga: Ruto’s Govt Is Bound To Fail, He Is A Dictator

by KDB
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ODM leader Raila Odinga’s brother Oburu Oginga has predicted the worst for President William Ruto’s government, saying that it’s days are numbered.

Ruto won the seat after beating three candidates, among them Raila, whom Oburu had said was guaranteed of victory having the system’s backing.

He now says that the government won’t survive for long, suggesting that it will somehow collapse before finishing it’s first term in office in 2027.

Speaking in Bondo in Siaya yesterday, he accused Ruto of turning to dictatorship, but assured Kenyans that he won’t succeed in his endeavours.

“Be strong, the world is not ending. This government will not go far. You cannot pass a decree of GMOs that was prohibited by a government where he served as a deputy president,” the Siaya Senator is quoted by The Standard.

He also ruled out chances of Raila, who was also present, of joining hands with Ruto, noting that they would rather remain in the opposition.

“Raila cannot befriend thieves, a government serving with impunity,” he said, in reference to Raila’s habit of reuniting with his enemies after each election cycle.

Raila said that he will continue fighting for Kenyans, noting that his fight for liberation remains very much on.

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