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Netizens Expose Wife, Children Of Linet Toto’s Fiancé

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Bomet women’s representative Linet Toto has been under public scrutiny since her grand proposal, and online DCIs have unveiled details about his fiancee, Kimutai.

The online DCI quickly searched through his Facebook from eight years ago, only to find that he was allegedly married with children.

Rumors circulating online have it that Linet Toto’s fiancé, Nifty Kim as he is known on social media was allegedly married to a teacher and had three children.

Online sleuths reportedly uncovered past Facebook posts by Kim, dated as far back as eight years ago, in which he admitted to being a father.

In one post, Kim is said to have captioned a photo of children, saying, “Yes, they are my lovely kids, and I had taken them on a Mau forest tour.” It’s not clear if Kim has responded to the claims that he left his wife and kids for Toto.

The revelation came hours after Kimutai penned down a sweet message thanking Toto for accepting his marriage proposal.

“I feel overwhelmed with love and excited for the next chapter of my life with the best person I could ever have asked for. Thank you, My Love, for saying yes.

Big thanks to my family, relatives, and friends, who played a big role in the planning and execution of this surreal proposal. God bless you.” He said.

The news of his past life has not been received well, many have speculated that he is just after Linet’s money and would later leave him.

“Inakaa huyu ni Yule wa kufanya deals na wife ndio pesa zikuje kwa boma….. Atamuosha Toto na aende kwa first wife….. Watu si wajinga” A fan by the name of Phill Williams said.

Another section believes that the wedding proposal was a PR strategy to diverge from the previous charges against Linet where she was accused of employing her relatives in her office.

“Makoraek We know you! Lakini hii tactic imework bana, hatuskii tena mambo na Toto employed her family members” Said Mutahi Vineous.

Her fans have advised her to be careful saying that she should have said no to the engagement as it was rushed while others have accused Kimutai of greed.

“But toto is just naive she should ask herself why she was rushed into an engagement ring where was the man before aingie kwa gava anyways mapenzi haikimbizwi namna hiyohapa ni pesa imefwatwa be careful TOTO”

“Kumbe umeanza kuvaa suti after kupata mbunge.Wewe enda Lea watoto uwache lust.” Comments flooded.

Toto has accumulated massive wealth; a few months after being elected, she showed off her new car, which was rumored to be worth over Kshs. 7 million.

Toto showed off her new Prado Tx barely two months after being elected to office. The women’s representative had held a dedication service for her car in her home church, where a pastor was spotted praying for the car.

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