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Meru People Chant ” Ruto Ni Mwizi ” As Atwoli Charges Them To Shout Even Louder

Francis Atwoli incites Meru people to shout Ruto ni Mwizi as noise fills the air

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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After a lengthy period of silence, Francis Atwoli has broken his silence today. This had gotten to the point that some lawmakers were questioning why he wasn’t showing up to Azimio rallies anymore. He did, however, appear at Raila’s Azimio la Umoja rally in Meru County today, where he lambasted DP Ruto.

During the rally, Atwoli incited the audience to say DP Ruto asking ” Mwizi ni nanii… (Rutoo)… Mwizi ni nanii…. (Rutoo). Atwoli can be heard shouting on the mic as he insisted the people repeat again and again. When DP Ruto said this, the people kept on responding to him in large voices.

Following that, Francis Atwoli said that DP Ruto had married Mudavadi in order to receive Wetangula for free. He claims that DP Ruto is leading people to believe that the 2022 elections are solely for the purpose of eradicating famine in the country. He argued that there is more to the 2022 elections than the general public is aware of.


As new details surface on a daily basis, political tensions in the country remain high. There is a lot going on around the country, and politicians are doing everything they can to smear one other’s reputations. Peter Kenneth vented his rage at DP Ruto today, revealing the gaffe he made in 2010 that ruined everything.

Peter Kenneth join Atwoli in attacking Ruto

DP Ruto, according to Peter Kenneth, tried to run for the top position without joining any other candidates. However, it all ended in tears when he inexplicably lost. He referred to DP Ruto’s party as the “Udaku” party, implying that it is designed to deceive the public. People should avoid him at all costs, he continued, because he will lie to them and then alter his opinion once he wins.

He claimed that DP Ruto has been selfish throughout his political career, claiming that he has always wanted to run for the top positions alone, causing more confusion.

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