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Kalonzo Dealt A Huge Slap In The Face As IEBC Ends His Monkey Tricks

Kalonzo now finds himself in a political dilemma

by Williams
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Political tension has gradually continued building up in the country as fresh details emerge on daily basis. A lot is happening where betrayal has become the talk of each and every other day. Kalonzo Musyoka has become the talk of the day because of his tricky moves that have now become a scare to Azimio La Umoja.

This comes after the other days seen where he launched his presidential bid and picked a running mate. However, the IEBC individuals have just dealt him a huge slap in the face as his presidential bid appears to be surviving on borrowed life.

According to recent information from the IEBC board, it was decided that Kalonzo’s fate relies on what they agreed in the coalition agreement in relation to conditions put across by IEBC. This is where the board doesn’t allow anyone to leave his coalition in less than 6 months to the election date.

Right now, we are in the countdown of less than 3 months to go is when he is thinking that he can form a good president. The IEBC vice chairman stated that they will first consider how they agreed before going ahead to consider conditions given to them when signing the deal.

Evidence has it that Kalonzo might have to swallow his pride and back Raila since he is out of what is to be done. As this happens, some sources have alleged that he was spotted with Raila somewhere in Mombasa at a hotel. It is assumed that they are refreshing their deal as he prepares to return to Azimio.

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