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Agnes Kagure Launches Search For Students She Supported

Hon. Agnes Kagure initiates a mission to reconnect with students she mentored a few years ago.

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Agnes Kagure, a well-known businessman in Nairobi has this morning announced that she is on a mission to find the school girls she mentored during a menstrual health event held a few years ago through the Agnes Kagure Foundation.

Nevertheless, Agnes Kagure has always been dedicated to improving menstrual health education and support. During the event, she provided essential menstrual supplies and spoke with the students about health, self-esteem, and personal growth.

Now, Kagure wants to see the impact of her efforts and the progress these girls have made. She hopes to get feedback and learn how her advice has affected their lives. By reconnecting with them, she aims to see the long-term effects of her support and find ways to help further.

Agnes Kagure attending a past event

Agnes Kagure attending a past event

Aside, Hon Agnes Kagure has been on a mission to support Education via scholarship where she has been sponsoring bright and needy students across various parts of Nairobi. Also via her Agnes Kagure Foundation, Kagure has been participating in community-related projects such as issuing basic items to people whenever disasters such as floods and fire outbreaks strike.

In the political arena, Agnes Kagure’s growing life hasn’t gone unnoticed. Many pundits have been speculating that Hon Agnes Kagure has no equal in the arena and could he planning to edge out Sakaja ahead of the 2027 general election.

“I shared a deep talk with these bright school girls some years ago while supporting a menstrual event at their school thru Agnes Kagure Foundation. I’d love to reconnect with them and see whether they heeded to mama’s pieces of advice. Feedback and follow-up,” Agnes Kagure wrote on Facebook.

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