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Despair To Hope: How Sultana Show Transformed Lolani Kalu’s Life

How Sultana show changed the hopeless life of Lolani Kalu to grace

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Veteran journalist and favourite Sultana Show actor Lolani Kalu, 56, life had turned into turmoil and hit a dead end during the retrenchment that saw him pack his belongings and head back home to Kilifi.

Lolani Kalu joined the media industry when he was barely 20 years old and navigated through the competitive market to beam his name on the screens after joining “Pete Series” as a minor actor that is aired on Maisha Magic.

He is also known for doing a series of documentaries “Malimwengu na Lolani Kalu” that provided indigenous skills and knowledge in poetry, singing, dancing, painting, and the entirety of the music industry.

His career as a journalist started in the 1990s, when he was doing narratives for stations, a few skits as a talented actor, and creating stories and pieces as a poet. Lolani is an accomplished writer who employs his talent to create content that was a must-see during his moment on television as a journalist.

He has been instrumental in mentoring young talents, especially in the acting and media industries through various initiatives.

Lolani Kau’s sickling mother

In September 2020, Lolani Kalu opened up about his struggling life where he lives with his sick mother, 82, in Kilifi, coastal region.

Sultana Show actor Lolani Kalu

Lolani Kalu

“I have normal challenges that everyone goes through and I am satisfied with life here but I have a lot to I can do. I just need a full kit video camera that can do live broadcasts and a MacBook to make ends meet. I will appreciate those who can help” he pleaded with good samaritans for help.

After securing an opportunity as an actor in the Sultana Show that is organized by Lulu Hassan, aired from Monday to Friday, where he plays the role of “Babu”

Lolani’s life has immensely changed from rags to ranks and he takes care of his mother in Kilifi. It is not clear whether Lolani is married and blessed with kids or not.

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