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Details Of How Disbanded DCI Killer Squad Kidnapped Ruto’s Indian Allies

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Ruto's Indian friends

Remains of people believed to be the two missing Indians and their driver, allegedly kidnapped by the disbanded DCI killer squad, were recovered in the Aberdare forest and the same ferried to Nairobi for a forensic analysis to establish their identities.

According to a daily publication, investigations have narrowed down to 12 officers who were part of the disbanded Special Service Unit (SSU). The twelve are believed to be behind the abduction of the three prior to their mysterious deaths.
The 12 are believed to be part and parcel of the 21 officers who were reportedly interrogated by the Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) at their headquarter based in Nairobi’s Upperhill.

As at last evening, three of these officers were believed to have played a direct role in the disappearance of the Indians believed to be serious ICT experts.

“The three officers-a chief inspector, a sergeant and a corporal-had their official cars detained at Capitol Hill police station, Nairobi, when, a review of CCTV footage from the roads near the hotel the two Indians were kidnapped captured them.” Reported the Daily.

The trio kidnapped

The three namely Zulfiqar Khan, Mohamed Zaid and a taxi driver by the name Nicodemus Mwangi were last seen at one of the clubs in Westlands after partying the whole night on July 23th.
The two Indian Nationals and their driver are believed to have been kidnapped somewhere along Mombasa Road near a famous Hotel.

The skeletons were recovered at the Aberdare Forest after president William Ruto ordered for a four-week search by a fresh team of officers.

More than 100 police officers from a number of stations combed the forest since Monday under the command of the IAU which took over the issue from 18th September 2022.

In the meantime, the discovery of the bones came in the wake of India complaining to Kenya and demanding that the two nationals be released from the police custody.

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