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Equity Bank On The Spot Once Again After Client Loses 300K In 17 Minutes

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Equity Bank is for an umpteenth time facing controversy after a client come out to expose the bank following a suspicious transaction in his bank account, that saw him lose Ksh300,000.

The disgruntled customer took to Facebook to expose the David Mwangi-led bank for shortchanging him of his hard earned money.

The client, identified as Bonface Ooko, queried how intruders got their hand on his bank account data and managed to successfully steal Ksh300,000 from the Equity account.

Ooko bitterly narrated how the aforementioned amount was stolen from his account in just 17 minutes.

He stated that after the theft, he contacted the bank’s staff at his local branch and was surprised to be notified that he had ‘authorized’ the transaction from his phone.

“How safe is your money and data with Equity Bank Kenya mobile banking?

GONE IN 17 MINUTES. An unauthorized debit of KES. 300,000 from my account and Equity staff at my local branch claim I authorized the transaction from my phone!!! How reassuring of their response!” Ooko wrote on his Facebook timeline.

He further poured out his frustration at the slow-paced approach that the banking facility was using to resolve his issue. He stated that he has been following up the matter since 5th May without any notable progress.

The frustrated Ooko, who has banked with Equity for 13 years, revealed that he was ready to end his relationship with the financial insititution since the safety of his money and data is no longer assured.

“From Thursday to today, nothing positive to show that they are swift and really on top of things like the security and control of one of their key mandate, protection of customer money in their possession.

13 years as an active member, maybe it is time to call it quits if my money and data can’t be protected in their systems and technology,” he wrote further.

The bank, in its defence, assured Ooko that his matter had been taken over by its security team and that they are handling it with the seriousness it deserves.

“Hello Bonface, thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. Upon your branch visit, the issue was shared with the security team for investigations. We can confirm that the matter is being handled with great seriousness and our team remains committed to ensure that all information is reviewed and accurate resolution given. We request for your patience as the handling team works to resolve the issue, as soon as possible,” the bank’s statement read.

Equity has been on the received end for years, with customers endlessly registering complaints of fraud and data breach. The constant theft has led to an efflux of customers due to a lack of trust and surety of the safety of their money and personal data.

Kenyans have severally called for the boycott of Equity following numerous mobile money fraud cases.

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