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Education CS Machogu Fingered For Attempting To Sabotage Ruto’s Govt

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Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has been accused of working against President William Ruto and what his government seeks to achieve.

The claims come only days after Machogu, just like the other CSs, took office, after being appointed by Ruto, who was sworn into office in September.

On Monday, university staff accused him of derailing the Kenya Kwanza agenda, by making remarks which are the opposite of what Ruto has personally said.

Led by UASU secretary general Constantine Wasonga, they questioned Machogu’s announcement that the government will stop funding universities.

CS Machogu

They reminded him that Ruto actually promised additional funds to the institutions, and his declaration contradicts Ruto’s pronouncements.

“Is he aware of what the President promised in his education charter? If you are appointed you need to know the manifesto of your coalition,” Wasonga said in a presser on Monday, reports The Star.

Over the weekend, Machogu said that the government is no longer in a position to fund universities and colleges, which will now have to come up with ways of generating their own funds.

“I’m going to move around every university because several of them are faced with financial problems and we are encouraging that they must generate their own income because the exchequer as it is now is not going to continue funding more,” he said at the Dedan Kimathi University in Nyeri.

UASU says that if this happens, then there will be a crisis in the institutions, which already have debts amounting to about Sh56 billion.

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