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Cabinet Secretaries In Fear After Ruto Threatened To Fire 6 CSs

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Some of President William Ruto’s Cabinet Secretaries might soon be sacked, and the entire cabinet has already been told so, one of the CSs has revealed.

The CS says that Ruto made this known during his recent retreat with CSs and Principal Secretaries at the Fairmount Mt Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki.

He says that those who will not have succeeded in the assignments given to them by Ruto soon after June will be considered failures and sent home.

Ruto, it is reported, warned the CSs that they must deliver on the assignments and those who won’t will have no other option but to let other people take over.

“The President was clear that he wants to see even more results after having ‘our budget’ (Kenya Kwanza budget from July this year). After that, it is either you shape up or ship out,” he told the Sunday Nation.

This comes amid reports that during the retreat, Ruto gave the ministers targets they must fulfill in six months, targets based on five key pillars.

They are agriculture, universal health coverage, a digital superhighway economy, access to affordable credit; and manufacturing and value addition.

He, as a result, had the ministers come together and form clusters, to enable ministries related to each other according to the given assignments work together towards achieving them.

“The President insisted on ministries not behaving as silos, operating under the bottom-up agenda, and ensure that every section sees what they man as part of a value chain basis, not one and end in itself product or service,” a top government official who attended the retreat told the Sunday Nation.

To prevent financial hurdles being thrown on the ministers’ path, Ruto has asked the parliament to help the ministries get the funds they need.

The government official has said that Ruto directed that once the ministers receive the money they need, no further excuses will be accepted, and they will have no other option but to deliver.

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