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Nairobi D.G Muchiri’s Aides Daniel Gatambo And Joyce Kyengo In Bribery Racket At City Hall

Njoroge Muchiri is currently serving as Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja's deputy

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The promising trajectory of Nairobi’s growth, especially after a decade of successful devolution, is now shadowed by alarming allegations that key figures within the Nairobi City County government are involved in widespread corruption.

An exhaustive investigation conducted by a collaborative team of mainstream media and independent online news sources has brought to light grave accusations against Daniel Gatambo, self-proclaimed personal assistant to Deputy Governor Njoroge Muchiri. Gatambo, along with his alleged accomplice Joyce Kyengo, the Nairobi County Director of Markets, are accused of operating intricate corruption networks that hinder genuine development projects and compromise the integrity of the city’s administration.

For years, Nairobi has been experiencing a steady ascent in development and governance since the implementation of devolution. This forward momentum, however, is now at risk due to the unraveling of deeply rooted corruption within the ranks of city officials.

Gatambo, who has professed to be Deputy Governor Muchiri’s right-hand man, stands accused of abusing his position to obstruct approved construction projects. Contractors have come forward with startling revelations, asserting that Gatambo, often in conjunction with a team of city hall inspectorate officers, demands illicit payments to allow projects to proceed. These illicit demands, ranging up to a staggering one million shillings, have cast a long shadow over legitimate development efforts.

The consortium of contractors has expressed their frustration at Gatambo’s actions, recounting instances where construction projects with legally obtained City Hall approvals are subjected to unwarranted delays due to his extortionist demands. This alleged corruption nexus, further intensified by Gatambo’s close relationship with Deputy Governor Muchiri, has eroded public trust and called into question the efficacy of the city’s administrative processes.

Despite numerous attempts to reach out to Deputy Governor Muchiri for his side of the story, he has maintained a conspicuous silence, fueling speculation and concerns about his involvement in these allegations. Rumors circulating within the city corridors suggest that Muchiri might be implicated in a larger plot to undermine the authority of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, potentially in collaboration with select members of the county assembly. These rumors, however, remain unverified due to the Deputy Governor’s reluctance to address them.

In a parallel development, Joyce Kyengo, Nairobi County’s Director of Markets, is also under intense scrutiny for alleged abuse of office, insubordination, and disregard for court orders. Investigative findings suggest that Deputy Governor Muchiri has extended protective cover to Kyengo, thereby raising concerns about his potential complicity in her actions.

Despite the documented evidence of Kyengo’s misconduct, Deputy Governor Muchiri has refrained from taking any decisive action against her, leaving the public disillusioned.

The accusations against Gatambo and Kyengo are a stark reminder that corruption can permeate even the highest echelons of power. Nairobi’s residents, who had placed their hopes in the positive trajectory of devolution, are now left grappling with the reality that their aspirations might be held hostage by those who are meant to be their champions.

As these allegations continue to unfold, Nairobi’s citizens await a response from their elected leaders, hoping for transparency, accountability, and a restoration of their city’s integrity. The journey towards progress and development must be safeguarded against the corrosive influence of corruption, ensuring a brighter future for Nairobi and its residents.

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