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‘Allow Ruto to Deliver’ Raila Slams MPs Complaining About High Taxes

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ODM leader Raila Odinga has blasted the Kenya Kwanza politicians for supporting the controversial Finance Bill, 2024 that imposed heavy taxes on Kenyans. He said they were hypocrites who changed their minds after he opposed the bill.

Raila was speaking in Suba South during an ODM membership drive. He said he instructed the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya MPs to reject the bill, but they called him anti-development. He said they were now regretting their decision and complaining about the law they passed.Raila: Why is Kenya going to Haiti and not any other country?

“I knew the Finance Bill was bad for Kenyans and I told our members to vote against it. I don’t have to be in Parliament to know that. But these Kenya Kwanza politicians voted for it just to spite me. Now they are making a U-turn and saying they are sorry. They don’t think before they vote,” he said.

He also accused the local MP Caroli Omondi of voting for the bill and ignoring the plight of his constituents. He asked the crowd if they sent him to vote for the bill and they shouted “No”.

He said he would continue to fight for the welfare of Kenyans and demand the government to lower the cost of living. He said he had other issues to raise with the government, such as the appointment of the IEBC Commissioners and the devolution of funds to the counties.Raila speaks out on current Covid-19 crisis – Nairobi News

He was joined by other ODM leaders who praised him and criticized the Kenya Kwanza administration. They said Raila was still their leader and they would follow his guidance even if he was in Addis Ababa. They said Kenya Kwanza was trying to kill devolution and keep all the money in Nairobi. They said Kenyans should pressure the government to reduce the taxes or else they would suffer.

Before the rally, Raila met with ODM delegates from Suba South and opened a party office at Sindo market.

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