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My Government Will Pay Pregnant Women Stipends – Professor George Wajackoyah

Wajackoyah stated that once elected, his government will cater for the needs of expectant women

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Roots Party presidential aspirant Professor George Wajackoyah has promised to give pregnant women stipends should he win the August 9th General election. While speaking during a previous interview with NTV, Wajackoyah stated that pregnant women will only provide scientific proof of pregnancy, after which his government will treat them as a state project.

Wajackoyah stated that his government will have collected enough money from the sale of Marijuana. He stated,

Any mother who gets pregnant the day she gets pregnant and there’s scientific evidence to show that she is pregnant, we shall start paying her a stipend because she will become now a state project right from the time she becomes pregnant.”

He clarified that he’d want to empower women in different stages, but his plan is to ensure that women are taken care of from inception to birth. He stated,

So these other rules and regulations will be there but we want to take care of a mother right from the time of inception of the child to the time she gives birth. We feel like we shall give them enough money because we shall have enough money from Marijuana.”

Wajackoyah’s marijuana agenda

Wajackoyah has been at the forefront in selling his Marijuana agenda to the people. In the past, Kenyans have been agreeing and disagreed on his agenda in equal measure.

A couple of days ago, he stated that he would introduce the sale of dog meat to China and other markets to raise funds of reviving the economy. In other sectors, Wajackoyah stated that he would suspend the constitution for about six months before and later engage Kenyans into drafting a constitution of their own.

He argued that if elected, he will reintroduce the death penalty, which will serve corrupt officials in government. What are your thoughts on this story ladies and gentlemen? Kindly share your insights down below. Also, read. Find more articles here.

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