Home News Road Accident Strikes Azimio Politician’s Wife Just A Day After Kamoti’s Burial

Road Accident Strikes Azimio Politician’s Wife Just A Day After Kamoti’s Burial

ODM politician's wife dies in deadly road accident at Isinya

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Road accident

Kenyans were shocked today to learn that the Orange Democratic Movement party MP’s wife has perished in a fatal car accident. The prominent Kajiado Central Member of Parliament Mr Elijah Memusi’s wife perished while inside her car.  According to sources, it has been revealed that it all happened when the vehicle she was travelling in was involved in a horrifying road accident.

Following the tragic death, a large number of netizens and locals, led by the region’s deputy governor, have expressed their astonishment and sincere sympathies to the Memusi family. Stella’s car allegedly rammed into a lorry, killing her instantly as reported by the police chief who went to the scene.

It is said that the driver was also hurt in the accident however, he didn’t lose his life like his boss. The driver is currently in the hospital recovering from the injuries and wounds he received.

Road accident

This comes just a day after Mr William Kamoti, a Rabai member of parliament, died in a road accident on his way home after delivering his party’s nomination papers to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in Nairobi.

The rate at which death is taking away people who share the same political bond with Raila has become so alarming. People have continued perishing each and every other day the more we near elections. It is so sad for Raila since he might be forced to attend the funeral just a day after attending the burial of Kamoti.

After his death, Kamoti was buried promptly in accordance with his Muslim religion’s rules. It is a burial which was characterized by some political talk which was slightly polite as the day ended well. The ground is gradually getting tough and some politicians are likely to be abused for things they haven’t even done. It’s a time when everyone needs God’s protection.

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