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“Pesa Otas” Amount of Money Airtel Kenya Will Pay Willies Raburu For Using His Bazu Trademark

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In a landmark ruling, TV47 news reporter Willies Raburu has been awarded Kshs 5 million in damages by the magistrates court, presided over by Hon. Rawlings Museiga, for the unauthorized use of his trademark ‘BAZU’ by telecommunications giant Airtel Kenya.

The court’s decision marks a significant victory for intellectual property rights in Kenya. Raburu, who has been at the forefront of this legal battle, expressed his gratitude on Twitter, stating, “I express my gratitude for the recent judgment… This ruling sets a crucial precedent for upholding intellectual property and copyright rights in the future.”


Raburu acknowledged Airtel Kenya’s reputation but emphasized the importance of protecting his brand. He credited his legal victory to his lawyer, Victor Orandi of Matthew and Partners Advocates, and extended his gratitude to God for the favorable outcome.

The case has drawn attention to the critical issue of trademark infringement and the need for businesses to respect intellectual property laws. Raburu’s statement also served as a warning to those using the ‘BAZU’ name without permission, indicating that legal notices have been issued to deter further unauthorized use.

This ruling is expected to have far-reaching implications for copyright and trademark law enforcement in Kenya, setting a precedent that underscores the value of intellectual property and the legal protections afforded to it.

Raburu’s victory is not just a personal triumph but a win for creatives and entrepreneurs across the nation, who seek to safeguard their work and brand identity against infringement.

“Respect for intellectual property is paramount, and those using the name BAZU without authority will face similar consequences, as legal notices have already been served. I extend my gratitude to God for this favorable outcome. Success is reflected in actions, and I am grateful for the resolution of this matter,” Raburu Wrote.

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