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Why Karen Country Club Is Trending On Twitter

Kenyans on Twitter are hyping up the Karen Country Club for various reasons

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The Karen Country Club is currently trending nationwide with many tweeps having a roaring laugh at the idea of the Country Club’s management opening up the hitherto super-exclusive facility to the general public.

According to an article published by the Business Daily, The Residences, modern cottages and apartments that sit on the edge of the expansive 225 acres of the Karen Country Club Golf Course in Nairobi, have now been opened up to the public, and you and your little sister, who probably earns less than $300 a month are allowed to finally visit and soak in the air of the super-wealthy.

Opened six years ago, The Residences initially offered accommodation only to accredited club members and their guests – and they don’t come cheap.

Until then, members from select elite country clubs around the world were also allowed to stay at The Club, under a reciprocity arrangement.

Karen Country Club

A view of the Karen Country Club

Recently, however, as a way to diversify and boost its earnings, the club opened up The Residences to the general public and Twitter went bananas.

The unexpected announcement saw hundreds of Kenyans on Twitter rush online to imagine themselves as patrons at the exclusive Country Club and the memes, as usual, did not disappoint.

Everyday Kenyans, who would otherwise find it hard to find a place at a table as vaunted as that of Karen Country Club, inundated Twitter will all manner of ‘poor me’ memes while laughing at their own inadequacies while faced with the prospects of wining and dining with the likes of the ‘Grand Mullah’ Ahmednasir Abdulahi, flashy lawyer Donald Kipkorir and the likes of ultra-refined gentlemen like Githu Muigai.

As the memes will reveal, the Karen Country Club is not the place where you drag your little broke friends to haggle over the price of cheap gin while yelling ‘shots shots’ every thirty minutes.

This is the glorified home of billionaires – and you better act like one.

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