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Pastor Kanyari Threatens to Arrest Pastor T Mwangi as Tiff Escalates

Pastor Victor Kanyari warns Life Church's Pastor T Mwangi, sparks controversy over authenticity and morality in religious leadership

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Pastor Victor Kanyari has warned Pastor T Mwangi of Life Church in Limuru, Kiambu.

The dispute came to a head on May 27, when Pastor Kanyari took to TikTok to address recent comments by Pastor Mwangi, also known as Apostle Anthony Mwangi.

Pastor Kanyari, visibly agitated, responded to Pastor Mwangi’s assertions regarding his authenticity and morality as a religious leader.

Pastor Victor Kanyari

Pastor Victor Kanyari

“I have heard Pastor T Mwangi saying Pastor Kanyari isn’t a true pastor. Oh yes, come on. Wewe what have you achieved? Were you there when my God called me?… Pastor T if I wanted to arrest you I will do so with a lot of ease….,” Kanyari stated in the viral video.

He emphasized that Pastor Mwangi lacks the authority to lecture him on morality and warned him to be cautious about whom he chooses to criticize.

The confrontation between the two pastors stems from a series of controversial incidents involving Pastor Kanyari. Recently, he faced backlash after appearing in a video with LGBTQ activist Chokuu.

Pastor Victor Kanyari smiles during a past event

Pastor Victor Kanyari smiles during a past event

In the video, Kanyari asked Chokuu to shake his behind to expel demons, a clip that quickly went viral and sparked widespread condemnation. Critics argue that such actions fall far short of the expected standards for a servant of God.

Pastor Mwangi has been vocal in his disapproval of Kanyari’s behavior, questioning his legitimacy and role as a pastor. This public denouncement prompted Kanyari’s fiery response, wherein he claimed he requires no validation from any other religious leader to speak or act on his beliefs.

The escalating feud has drawn significant attention on social media, with followers and critics alike weighing in on the debate.

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