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Finance Bill Dealt Another Big Blow After Omtatah Hints Heading to Court

Busia Senator Hon Okiya Omtatah dares president William Ruto to make good his threat of ascenting the Finance Bill 2024, adds court will be Kenyans' saviour

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Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah has taken a firm stance against the Finance Bill 2024, promising to challenge its legality in court if it passes. The bill has been a point of contention, drawing significant criticism and concern from various sectors of society. Omtatah’s objections are primarily rooted in what he sees as procedural violations and a lack of adherence to constitutional mandates.

Omtatah has criticized National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula and Senate Speaker Amason Kingi for allegedly bypassing the Senate in the legislative process. He argues that the Constitution mandates both houses to be involved in such significant legislation, and bypassing the Senate undermines the democratic process.

His primary concern is that the bill, which has substantial implications for national finance and governance, has not been subjected to the rigorous scrutiny it deserves.

Omtatah’s history as a legal activist gives weight to his threats. Known for his relentless pursuit of justice through the courts, he has previously challenged and overturned numerous government decisions. His track record suggests that his promise to take the Finance Bill to court is not an empty threat but a serious commitment to ensuring legislative accountability and constitutional adherence.

Senator Okiya Omatatah

Senator Okiya Omatatah

The Finance Bill 2024 has been met with widespread opposition, not just from politicians but also from civil society groups and the general public. Critics argue that it imposes heavy taxes and financial burdens on already struggling Kenyans. Omtatah’s challenge, if realized, could stall or even nullify the bill, forcing a more thorough review and possible amendments.

Omtatah has urged Kenyans to remain vigilant and involved in the legislative process, emphasizing the importance of public participation in governance. As the bill moves through the legislative pipeline, all eyes will be on the courts and Omtatah’s next moves.

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